Version: 1.1.4
Size: 16M

Kids Learn ABC Train

"Kids Learn ABC Train" is an application for learning alphabets and is full of fun and joyful activities.

Kids Learn ABC Train is an educational app targeted for Kindergarten and Preschool students. Even older kids will find it FUN and interesting.

Kids Learn ABC Train teaches English alphabets/ABC in the following interactive and playful ways:

1. A beautiful toy train of animals, fruits/vegetables, objects and transport introduces the letters.
2. The App organizes words into four charts or categories - Animals Chart, Fruits/vegetables Chart,
Objects chart and Transport chart. Each chart introduces 26 words in that category, one from each letter of the English alphabet.
3.There is a "Memory Game" that will help kids in improving their memory and retaining the words learnt.
4.A "Matching Picture Game" to check kids' learning of alphabets and vocabulary.
5.A "Fill the Missing Game" to check kids' learning of alphabet sequence and letter recognition.
6.A melodious Alphabet Song will help the kids remember alphabets and their sequence.
7.All features have audio support.

Kids Learn ABC Train will definitely fast track Kids on the path to learning English alphabets/ABC, making it a “Fun Learning Experience”. We hope all kids and parents too will love this ABC train.

Any suggestions and feedback are most welcome. We will try to incorporate them into this app in the coming versions.

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